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Edgeworkx is a social media and content marketing agency that provides the complete range of social media marketing services. Our one-stop service includes content management, banner creation, SEO, brand management, social media engagement and reputation management. All activities are designed to help you come to the attention of your target audience.

Content that engages your customers with relevant data is a priority coupled with meaningful interactions and two-way conversations across all social media platforms. We build your online reputation by constantly monitoring the internet for mentions of your brand, so this can be amplified with positive mentions and negative responses can be dealt with swiftly and appropriately. We help you conceive your digital avatar and take your hand through the digital process from the outset to develop a digital presence with maximum impact.

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EdgeWorkx helps you take a leap into the digital marketplace and get noticed. We will build a platform for open dialog between your company and the target audience. You will be able to reach a wider customer base as we help you to listen and adapt to the fast changing environment of the new economy. Our dedicated team of strategists, content managers, copywriters and consumer responders will actively engage and expand your target customerbase.


Content marketing is a process for creating and distributing relevant information to attract, acquire and engage the target audience. The strategy is to define buyer personalities and identify the type of questions they ask during their buying process. We help to drive up traffic to your site and our content managers integrate with social media to attract and retain customers.

/Banner Creation.

A picture speaks a thousand words! We create graphics and banners with impact to attract and retain your customers’ attention. A branded graphic image will convey your information clearly and help to reinforce your brand identity. We create banners and graphics across all social media platforms.


Branding is a process that involves creating a unique name and image – often using a logo or a tag line. Branding should be an expression of the innate value of your business. Our team of designers produce brand identities with visual impact and our social media experts produce engaging content to reinforce your brand messages and proposition.


Engaging in social media opens you to feedback and possible criticism. The first step in reputation management is monitoring reference to the person or business. Our continuous monitoring of on-line conversations around your brand provides insight into the quality and quantity of comments of your target audience. We maintain constant engagement and vigilance through all social media campaigns enabling our clients to respond speedily and with confidence at all times.

Marketing SEO/PPC.

An integrated search marketing strategy, combining Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), is the efficient way to be gaining traffic and visibility from search engines. We build search marketing into your social marketing and manage your SEO and PPC campaigns on your behalf. EdgeWorkz becomes part of your team whereby we are the dedicated social media resource with responsibility to deliver your campaign objectives.

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How to connect Brands with Meaning

How to connect Brands with Meaning...

Feb 11, 2016

…for business success, social impact and a positive climate of opinion.

It has never been harder to reach and influence people. More than ever there is a need to be imaginative, intelligent and strategic in your communications. A good Communicator will thrive on the challenge of coming up with something exceptional with creativity, even for a technically complex product and service.

What Inspires Me vs. Hashtag Writing

What Inspires Me vs. Hashtag Writing

May 24, 2016

In the social media age we're all obsessed with creating content that's supposed to be engaging, get new followers and make us 'Thought Leaders' with Hashtag attached. Where is the Passion and Inspiration behind much of the content we find on Social Media?

In fact, I am guilty of it myself. I scour Twitter to know what the latest 'On-line Conversation' is about this, that and the other...

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